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Keep Display On v1.2
Keep Display On v1.2

Download zip-file (950 kb)

Download Setup (1629 kb)

(all Windows versions)
When it's not possible to change the screensaver settings in your Windows environment, then it's almost impossible to show things on your screen for a longer period without activating the screensaver.

This little program prevents the display to go into screensaver mode when it's running, simple and easy. The program does not change anything in Windows, so when the program is closed, the screensaver will work as before.

Keep Display On Screen
View Screen

IPSwitcher v3.5.0.26

IPSwitcher v3.5.0.26    zip  setup

(W2000, W2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7-8,10)
Switch IP configurations from the tray menu. Easy and simpel configure your IP settings for IPv4 and IPv6 with Internet Explorer proxy settings

Just download the zip-file or use the setup for simple click and go.

Version history

(13 kb)
Reset / refresh the display, so everything is redrawn. I've made this for my laptop that has a display problem when coming out of hibernate or standby. The position where the mouse was located has a strange square mask on the display that does not want to go away. The only way it wants to go away is a display reset, so I made this tool for that purpose.

Old tools

WLAN_WGR614 v2.1
Netgear WLAN on/off 2.1
(104 kb)

(All Windows)
Enable or disable the wireless LAN of the Netgear WGR614v6 Router automatically by running this application from the command line.
This program can be used from a scheduler, so at a given time, the wireless LAN can be disabled or enabled for security reasons.
More functions are added in version 2.0. Connection with internet can be released and renewed. Attached devices can be shown and when you a Internet browser, the standard settings pages can be opened without loggin in. An extra check is added in version 2.1 to allow Internet Explorer to be used. The URL login security for Internet Explorer can be turned on and off.
Just unpack and run it from anywhere on the disk. When running without parameters the settings dialog will be shown.
Delete Locked
Delete Locked v1.5
(178 kb)

(Win 2000/XP/2003)
Delete locked files from disk.
This program can delete files that are locked by a program for some reason. I made this program because when I'm cleaning my disk and some file does not want to be deleted. I will forget to delete it the next time, so it never gets deleted anymore.
Also when a virus or ad-ware program does not want to be deleted, then this tool is very handy for killing them.
First this tool will try to delete the files normally. When that does not work, the files will be marked for deletion for the next boot time. After restarting the PC, the files will be deleted as if they where uninstalled by an uninstaller.
It can also be used to show what files will be delete at the next Windows restart. The 'View pending' button will only be shown when there are files that will be removed for the next boot.
Now also with file information dialog and options to change the properties of the file simply.
OntDubbel v1.4

Download zip-file (316 kb)
Download Setup (558 kb)
Remove double lines from a CSV-file (Comma Separated Values) by comparing one column by text and optionaly a second column by number.
For example: remove lines that have the same name, but keep the line with the lowest number.
This program is in Dutch, but I can make one in English if you ask nicely :-)
TimeSync v1.5

Download zip-file (51 kb)
Download Setup (383 kb)

TimeSync Main Screen View Main Screen
TimeSync Main Screen View Help Screen
Time synchronize application that gets its time from SNTP Time Servers.
It sets the localtime, so filetimes are NOT changed.

This program is made becouse the standard Windows XP automatic-synchronize-with-internet-time sets the systemtime in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated, also known as GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time)
Setting systemtime changes the time from the files on disk. Very handy when backup programs see all files as changes and backs-up all those files again.
That also happens when Summer time changes to Winter time and back (Daylight Savings). Hooray for Microsoft!
This is a known bug in Windows and Microsoft will NOT fix it (Q129574) It aplies to all Windows version from NT4.0, 2000, XP and above.

Summer and Winter time is also taken in account with TimeSync (for now only European dates, but will add other transition dates at request). List with sntp-servers added in zip-file.

So, solve a Microsoft bug and have always the correct time by using this nice program at no cost at all!!! ;-)

(52 kb)
When a program is trying to contact the internet (at boot time) and you have only a modem, then the Dialup dialog comes up.
For closing that Dialup dialog automaticly this program can be used.
See CloseDialUp.txt in zip for more information.
(63 kb)
Delete the Company rotating logo from your Internet Explorer. It can then be replaced with something else if you like.
It looks very smooth and is much better than that globe or letter e.
(26 kb)
Closes the modem port when it is stays open after boot. Read the txt file in zip.
(10 kb)
(win9x only!)
Ever lost a password and it was only known by a program that was showing it with those nice ****. Bin there, done that. So I made a little program that reads the password from a editbox with ****
Just move your mouse over it and press the spacebar so the button is pressed. Then there should be the readable password in the programs editbox.

Use WinSpy for all Windows versions (see below)

Other tools

WinTree WinTree (230 kb) Handy tool for viewing and changing active screen objects like buttons and editboxes. It's made by Frans van Nieuwenhoven, not by me.
I've used it for some beta testing and getting more understanding how windows is working.
WinSpy WinSpy (19 kb) W9x,NT4,W2k,XP,W2k3 This program shows information from selected windows on the screen, including hidden passwords.
Written by Robert Kuster. Changed by me (minimize, toolbar-button, icon).

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